July 21


09:30 am - 11:30 am

Event Details 慈善籌款活動詳情

Date 日期:

July 21 | 7月21日

Time 時間:

9:30 am – 11:30 am PDT

Language 語言 :

Cantonese 粵語


Benny & Eva

Note 注意:

Please be patient and on time, when joining the virtual event you will be placed in a waiting room as our staff verifies the registration for each attendees. Please make sure your Zoom login name is consistent with the name you use for registration, only registered attendees on the registration list will be admitted into the event.
如果您已登記該網上慈善籌款活動,請準時參加。慈善籌款活動當日,您將被安排在等候室內。我們工作人員將會驗證每位參加者的門票。請確保您的 Zoom 登錄名稱與您登記時所使用的名稱一致,只有在登記名單上已註冊的參加者才能參加活動。

Event Description 慈善籌款活動簡介

Since March 2020, the Nutrition and Senior Centers Department at Self-Help for the Elderly has been providing over 8,000 hours of classes and activities to keep our clients staying healthy and active during the pandemic. We need your support to sustain our programs. We sincerely invite you to join our Virtual Fundraising Event by contributing $5 for a single ticket. Other amount of donations are welcome! The proceeds from this fundraising event will be allocated to our senior centers for the development if recreational activities and services to benefit and encourage the elderly to engage and socialize in the community.

本處將於2022年7月21日上午9:30至11:30舉辦「慈善愛心 安老同行」網上慈善籌款活動,誠邀各位參與活動,欣賞節目不忘慈善,請及早於此網頁登記或到本處各康樂中心捐款或購票。本活動所得將用於將來活動營運安排,懇請大家鼎力支持與安老同行!

Program 節目

Dance, Singing, Prized Games, Raffle Drawing and More
歌唱、舞蹈、有獎遊戲、幸運大抽獎 及其他精彩娛樂節目

Ticket 票價:$5

Other Amount of Contributions is welcome!

Important 重要:
You will receive an email as the receipt of your donation. Please find the Meeting ID and Password to join the Virtual Fundraising Event at the bottom of the confirmation email . Please do NOT share the meeting information with anyone, registration of all attendees will be verified for admittance into the event. 
登記後,您將收到由安老自助處發出的電子郵件作為網上捐款的憑據。 您可以於該電郵的底部找到參加網上慈善籌款活動的會議帳號和密碼。請不要與任何人分享會議信息,所有參加者都需通過驗證方能進入活動。

Note 注意: