October 6


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Self-Help for the Elderly


Event Details 活動詳情

Date 日期:

October 6/ 10月6日 

Time 時間:

11:00 am – 12:00 am PDT

Language 語言 :

English & 粵語

Speakers 演講者:

Mark Church, San Mateo County Chief Elections Officer 聖馬刁縣首席選舉官
Joe Goethals, Mayor of San Mateo 聖馬刁市市長
Reuben D. Holober, Mayor of Millbrae 米爾布雷市市長
Drew Corbett, San Mateo City Manager 聖馬刁市市府經理
Tom Williams, Millbrae City Manager 米爾布雷市市府經理
San Mateo County Elections Office — on Voting Options During the COVID Era  聖馬刁縣選舉辦公室-新冠型病毒疫情期間的投票選項
Beth Bhatnagar, League of Women Voters, North and Central San Mateo County—on selected ballot measures 婦女選舉聯盟聖馬刁縣北中分部-提案分析

Attention 注意:

Self-Help for the Elderly will provide brief Chinese translation of remarks. For questions please contact
Self-Help for the Elderly San Mateo Center at 650-342-0822


About this Event 活動簡介

Election Day is right around the corner. Although weʼre facing unprecedented challenges this year, our annual Citizenship Day event will go on to help our seniors better prepare for the upcoming elections, as well as to promote civic engagement.

選舉投票日指日可待。儘管今年我們面臨著前所未有的挑戰,但我們的年度公民日活動將如期舉行,以幫助我們的長者更好地為選舉做準備, 以及推廣公共事務的參與。

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