April 7


11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Class Details 課程詳情

Date 日期:

Apr 7 | 4月7日

Time 時間:

11:00 am – 12:00 pm PDT

Language 語言 :

Cantonese 粵語

Instructor 講師:

Sunny Choi & Tina Choi

Important 注意:

Please be on time. The class will close after 10 minutes and you will not be able to join. When you see “The meeting has been locked by host”, it means it’s too late to join the class.

Class Description 課程簡介:

2020 has been a tough year, get expert advice on how to stay mentally and physically healthy during the current pandemic. Understand how the current pandemic negatively affects you mentally and physically, and learn how to maintain your well-being during this trying time.


Class Schedule 上課時間表:

  • Wednesday, Apr 7, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm PDT
  • 4月7日 星期三, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm PDT

About the Instructor 關於講師

Sunny Choi

Sunny Choi LCSW is a clinical social worker focusing on helping the Chinese population to maintain mental well-being. He collaborated with other clinic members such as medical physicians and nutritionists to provide holistic, integrated care to his patients. His prior roles include Chinese Community Outreach Worker at the San Mateo County Health System and Clinical Social Worker at North East Medical Services, a community health clinic for the Asian populations.
Sunny Choi LCSW 是一名臨床社會工作者。Sunny 致力於協助華人社區保持心理上的健康。 他與其他診所成員,包括例如內科醫生和營養師合作,為患者提供全面的綜合護理。 他曾擔任過的職務包括聖馬刁縣衛生系統的華人社區外展工作人員,以及在東北亞醫療中心,一個亞裔為主的社區健康診所擔任臨床社會工作者。

Tina Choi

Tina Choi is the CEO and Founder of Travonde, Inc. with the mission to enrich the lives of older adults – starting with education, wellness, leisure, and activities through the pursuit of public & private partnerships. An MBA graduate from Cornell University, Tina spent more than a decade with Apple Inc. in global operations strategy roles overseeing $500 million in program spend. She championed many Diversity and Inclusion initiatives while chairing one of Apple’s Diversity Network Association groups – Apple Asian Association.
Tina Choi 是Travonde,Inc.的首席執行官兼創始人,其使命是通過各種公共以及私營機構的合作,從教育,保健,休閒和活動入手,豐富老年人的生活品質。 Tina 是康奈爾大學(Cornell University)工商管理碩士(MBA)的畢業生,在蘋果公司(Apple Inc.)任職超過十年,負責全球運營策略,為公司監督近5億美元的運用規劃。 Tina 是蘋果公司多元化網絡協會組織之一 – 蘋果亞裔協會的主席,並在任期內於各個提倡多元化及包容性的推廣上有著傑出的成就。

Important 重要:
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Note 注意: