Video Learning 自我學習頻道

To encourage more older adults continue to learn, and to be able to keep up with the rapid high-technology and life changes, we have specially established a “Video Learning” to facilitate and promote the self-learning ability of the older adults.
Through the “Video Learning”, seniors can watch videos anytime and anywhere according to their time, needs and interests. They can simply click on the arrow, review all the learning videos of the virtual classroom, and learn by themselves. All learning videos are free for the elderly to watch.


Diabetes Prevention and Management (Part 1)

Diabetes Prevention and Management (Part 2)

Type 2 Diabetes has increased. What can you do to reduce your risks? 1st Class: Learn if you are are at for risk for diabetes and how to prevent it through diet and other methods. 2nd Class: Learn how to plan healthy meals, and apply diet and lifestyle behaviors to reduce your risks or manage diabetes if you have it.

糖尿病的預防和管理 (上集)

糖尿病的預防和管理 (下集)

2型糖尿病患者增加了。您可以採取什麼方法來降低風險?第1班:了解您是否有患糖尿病的風險 和如何通過飲食等方法預防。第2班: 了解如何計劃健康的飲食,並運用飲食和生活方式來減少患病風險或管理糖尿病。

Zoom Basic for Attendees

Zoom 在線會議入門 (粵語)