CHAMPSS is a non-profit foundation sponsored by Self-Help for the Elderly in partnership with S&E Cafe, PhoSure and Venus Cafe. In order to keep the program functioning, we ask for a suggested contribution of $5.00 or more per meal.

* For more detailed step-by-step Online Add Meals Instructions, please read or download Online Add Meal Instructions. Additional meals may be added at any time, online (using credit card below) or in-person (cash or check) at a Self-Help for the Elderly senior center.

* 有關詳細的逐步網上加餐教程,請閱讀或下載網上加餐教程. 加餐可在此網頁(需信用卡)或去到任何一間三藩市安老自助處康樂中心(需現金或支票).

Attentions / 注意

Dear Participants / 親愛的美味營養餐顧客,
Because we are nearing the end of Fiscal Year 2022-2023, we encourage you to redeem all your meals before 6/30/2023. Any meals ordered before 6/30/2023 WILL NOT be carried over to the next fiscal year, and contributions can’t be refunded. As a reminder, add meals according to your needs. Thank you for your understanding and support.

The last day to add meal for this fiscal year is on Monday 4/10/23 at 10:00am, in Pacific Time. You may continue to add meal on 7/3/2023 for next fiscal year.

*Important: You Do Not need to replace your current CHAMPSS card




*注意: 您並不需要更換您的美味營養餐卡