CHAMPSS is a non-profit foundation sponsored by Self-Help for the Elderly in partnership with S&E Cafe, Green Bamboo and Henry’s Hunan. In order to keep the program functioning, we ask for a suggested donation of $4.00 or more per meal.

* For more detailed step-by-step Online Add Meals Instructions, please read or download Online Add Meal Instructions. Additional meals may be added at any time, online (using credit card below) or in-person (cash or check) at a Self-Help for the Elderly senior centers.

* 有關詳細的逐步網上加餐教程,請閱讀或下載 網上加餐教程.

Attentions / 注意

Dear Participants / 親愛的美味營養餐顧客,

Because we are nearing the end of Fiscal Year 2017-2018, we encourage you to redeem all your meals before 6/30/2018. Any meals ordered before 6/30/2018 WILL NOT be carried over to the next fiscal year, and donations can’t be refunded. As a reminder, add meals according to your needs. Thank you for your understanding and support. The last day to add meal for this fiscal year is on Monday 6/18/18 at 10:00am, in Pacific Time. You may continue to add meal on 7/2/2018 for next fiscal year.

*You Do Not need to replace your current CHAMPSS card

由於財政年度2017-2018 將會完結,我們鼓勵您在2018年6月30日前享用剩餘餐數。剩餘餐數和捐款在2018年6月30日之後不能退還。請根據您的需要加餐,謝謝您的理解和支持。今個財政年度的最後加餐日期是6月18日星期一早上10時。您可以繼續在7月2日加餐。

*注意: 您並不需要更換您的美味營養餐卡

Check Your Meal Balance 查看餐數餘額

Great New! You can now check your Meal Balance on CHAMPSS website (see website top-right corner).
好消息!你現在可以在CHAMPSS網站查看你餐數餘額 (網頁右上角)



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CHAMPSS Consumer Satisfaction Survey FY 2017-18 消費者滿意程度年度調查

Please complete the survey before it closes on May 31, 2018. Your feedback will help us improve the CHAMPSS program. Your response to these questions is confidential. You will not be denied services based on your answers.

請在2018年5月31日结束之前完成調查。你的回答將有助於我們改進“美味營養餐”計劃。 你對這些問题的回答是保密的。你不會因為你的答案而被拒絕服務。